About Us

We're a small farm that produces hard to find chile powders. 

We grow, dry, and grind chile peppers into high quality spices using organic growing practices on our Renegade certified farm in Boonville, CA.

What started as a way to produce a locally grown Basque chile powder has evolved into a venture focused on building community and growing great spices. We don't grow Piment d'Ville just because it makes our food taste incredible. We grow these chiles and produce value-added products in order to provide our team with better working conditions than conventional farms offer, to pay our team better than other agricultural work does, and so ALL of us can be proud of the work we do.

We believe in the power of bringing people together around the dinner table and sharing a meal. By adding Piment d’Ville to your food we’re honored to share a seat at your table – and look forward to the delicious food! 

About the Boonville Barn Collective
In late 2019, Krissy and Gideon decided to leave their home in Boston, MA and head to Boonville, CA, where Krissy started Piment d'Ville in 2012. The Boonville Barn Collective was formed to run the farming and marketing operations for Piment d'Ville and other Bucket Ranch products, as well as manage Scape 128 and Strictly Vineyards. Through working across multiple agriculture and land based operations, the Boonville Barn Collective works to deliver exceptional service, provide a quality employment opportunities for folks living in the Anderson Valley. 

Cultivating community by nurturing the soul.