Smoky Piment d'Ville - 2 Pack
Smoky Piment d'Ville - 2 Pack

Smoky Piment d'Ville - 2 Pack


I was talking to a friend of mine who had the best approach to our Smoky Piment d’Ville. She talked about really feeling like a true adult when she discovered smoked paprika, noting that it added smokiness and depth of flavor to foods without tasting like a campfire. She also said, now here’s where we think she is a genius, that it was a game changer for her cooking since she lives in an apartment without a balcony. We hadn’t thought about it before, but if you want to add that “just off the grill” smoky flavor to your cooking but don’t have the ability to put a steak or a burger on your grill outside, Smoky Piment d’Ville is the answer to your grill-less dreams. It won’t set off your smoke detector. It won’t break fire codes. And it won’t give other tenants in the building a reason to be mad at it. What it will do though, is add just the right touch of smokiness to your food. 

We totally feel the same. The 2019 Smoky Piment d’Ville is much more aligned with Spanish smoked paprika than the harsh smoky flavor that comes in a straight smoked salt. We use the same Piment d’Ville chiles from our farm in our Smoky Piment, the difference being the way we process them. Late season chiles that might not have turned all the way red are cured in our greenhouse and then dried in our dehydrator, but in the drying process, we dry them at a slightly higher temperature to give them the slightest burn to change the flavor. We also add some additional burned chiles to the dehydrator during the process to really enhance the flavor. 

The Scoville scale rating for our Smoky Piment is 9,000-10,000 units, similar in heat to a chipotle chile, but still milder than cayenne. 

As always, our 1.2 oz jars are harvest dated so you know how fresh our product is. We recommend keeping the product out of direct sunlight and away from the heat of the oven in order for it to retain its bright red color and flavor. 

Apartment dwellers of the world, go forth and make smoky flavored foods without the worry of the fire department showing up and waking up the whole neighborhood!

Quick ideas for Smoky PDV: use on elote or corn on the cob, season your ground beef for burgers (or add some at the end), make a smoky mayo (for said burgers), use in place of smoked paprika.