Poblano Chile Powder
Poblano Chile Powder

Poblano Chile Powder


Poblano Chile Powder is sold in a 2 jar set. Each jar is 1.2 oz. This Poblano powder is from the 2020 fall harvest. 


I didn't know I needed poblano powder in my life until Nacho decided to grow some peppers and dry them. I think we were all a bit surprised by how nice and green the chile powder stayed and truly shocked by the incredible flavor that it offers. We're talking all the flavor of a poblano pepper that you can add to a dish with a simple sprinkle of this stuff. Typically, poblano chiles are used fresh as green chiles. When they ripen to red and are dried, they become ancho chiles. Anchos are some of the most commonly used chiles in Mexican cooking and maybe we will make some ancho chile too! 

The mild heat of the poblano is packed with vegetal green chile flavors that smells and tastes like freshly roasted poblanos coming off the grill. It is bound to be your new go to for chilaquiles, a quick crema for tacos, a delicious bonus for your buttered toast, and really I think it is going to completely change my popcorn game (We're calling it Pobcorn over here now, or Plobcorn. Gideon and I are at a standstill).  

I'm a big fan of rajas with tacos (roasted poblanos that I like to coat with sour cream and cumin) and this just got even easier to make with our poblano powder. Really, just add some of the poblano powder to sour cream and you're good to go. In order to get the full flavor of the poblano, you might have to rehydrate the powder in a bit of water or what ever kind of liquid you're cooking with. You could also bloom the chile in some olive oil to really get the flavor going.

As always, each 1.2oz jar is harvest dated so you know how fresh our product is. We recommend keeping the product out of direct sunlight and away from the heat of the oven in order for it to retain its bright green color and flavor. 

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