Piment d'Ville Collection

Piment d'Ville Collection


The Piment d’Ville Collection gives you the chance to taste the difference between our three varieties of Piment d’Ville and understand their different flavor profiles. Alternatively, maybe you already trust us, believe in what we’re doing, and appreciate the quality of our products and think, “Who needs other spices when you have these!” We’re down with that. We don’t want you to have to choose how you like your Piment d’Ville until it’s time to cook. 

For the purist, there’s our flagship Piment d’Ville. 
For the smoked paprika enthusiast who wants to know exactly where their spices are grown, there’s the smoky.
For the person who really wants to add a kick of heat, there’s the spicy. 

As always, each 1.2oz jar is harvest dated so you know how fresh our product is. We recommend keeping the product out of direct sunlight and away from the heat of the oven in order for it to retain its bright red color and flavor.

The collection currently is from our 2019 harvest.