Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County
Taste of Mendocino County

Taste of Mendocino County


We're all sold out! We are thinking of how to do this box again in the future. Check back for a potential Holiday box with a different assortment of goods!

The Anderson Valley lies in the heart of Mendocino County on a meandering two lane "highway" that begs for folks to slow down as they make the mad dash between San Francisco and the coast. Our Valley and surrounding communities have retained our sense of self-reliance and family ownership, something we're proud of.

Since you may not be able to come to us right now, we want to bring the flavors and joys of Mendocino County right to your doorstep. With this box, we partnered with 6 other farms and makers throughout our community to bring you the best we have to offer. We simply appreciate your support and are delighted to share a space at your table. Check out this list we put together of ways to experience Mendocino County virtually! It will not disappoint. 

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A Taste of Our Hospitality

Edible Marin recently visited and shared the following:

Its “off the fast lane” location (and that windy road) has ensured that this evolution has happened at a much slower pace than in other similarly renowned and scenic wine regions in California, but evolved it has. From award-winning, family-owned vineyards and wineries to bucolic family-run bed and breakfasts, farm stays, cooking classes and restaurants that feel more like local gathering places than commercial establishments, the Anderson Valley has successfully maintained its idyllic charm, despite its growing appeal as a travel destination. It is this relaxed absence of chic boutiques and streets full of high-end restaurants packed with foodies, phones poised over every plate, that allows visitors to enjoy the sense of having stepped back a few years in time.

There is good wine. There is good food. There are beautiful surroundings and lovely, peaceful places to lay your head. And very often those serving you, or showing you to your room, are the owners of the business you are visiting or their family members.


Apple Farm Jam - Philo

It was the cold, wet winter of 1984 when Sally and Don Schmitt first began to tame the wild and neglected property that they call simply “The Apple Farm.” There were apple trees, but it wasn't much of a farm. Over a quarter century they have come a long way, now having three generations working together in ever greater harmony with the land.

At the Apple Farm jam making is taken seriously. It requires the best fruit you can find and the patience to coax out its pure essence. Over the years they have worked to secure the best varieties of their favorite fruits, growing the ones they can and working with other organic farmers (sometimes from just down the road) to supply other favorites. The jams use all organically grown fruit with rare exceptions in extreme years. The fruit is hand cut and cooked in very small batches (about 8 jars) in traditional confiture pans. This quick, hot processing brings out the best flavor and keeps the color bright and true. 

One 19oz Jar of Strawberry or Plum Jam, Pomegranate Jelly, or Blood Orange Marmalade is included (It's dealers choice and we're the dealer, but they're all delicious!).

Olive Oil - Anderson Valley

In addition to wine, the Anderson Valley hosts a variety of small, family-owned olive oil operations. We've partnered with two great farms to share their harvest. Some folks will receive Bramble Family Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the 2019 fall harvest. With their first planting in the early 2000's, Bramble Family Farms has over 350 trees, including Italian, Spanish and French varieties that garnered the farm a silver medal from the California State Fair. We're excited to include their 375ml bottles. Other folks will receive 2019 estate biodynamic olive oil from Filigreen Farm. This farm is about two neighbors down from the Boonville Barn Collective and has one of the only high density olive groves in the Valley (we're jealous!)

We've decided to include oil from both Bramble Family Farms and Filigreen Farm to share the love here in the Valley. Each box will receive a bottle from just one of the producers. It's a surprise which one you'll get!

Black Oak Heartwood Medium Roast - Ukiah

Black Oak Coffee Roasters is located in the middle of redwood country. The hills and valleys surrounding the roaster are covered in Redwood, Douglas Fir and Oak trees. The center part of any tree is where the best, longest lasting, and most beautiful lumber comes from. Black Oak wanted to create a blend that highlights what they think of as the best parts of coffee. They combine two coffees to make the Heartwood blend. The first coffee, roasted medium, gives the Heartwood its body and milk chocolate flavor. The second coffee, roasted a bit lighter, gives the heartwood a bright, clean, finish that lingers in on the palate.

A great morning breakfast coffee, this pairs well with oatmeal, granola, and dried fruit as well as more rich breakfast choices like eggs, french toast, pancakes, waffles, and real butter pastries and muffins.

One 12oz bag of whole beans is included.

Lovers Lane Honey - Ukiah

Like a winemaker choosing the location and climate for its unique flavor potential, Lovers Lane Farm yields premium quality honey by placing hives strategically in seasonal flower sources and distinct climates throughout Mendocino County. The result is a delicious, colorful array of flavorful honey, made in the same spirit and with similar subtleties to a fine, well produced wine.

Each season’s batch is consistently excellent and has its own unique taste year after year, depending on the weather, soil, and plants in the immediate area of the hive. For food connoisseurs it is a gold mine of character. For those who like a little sweetness, Lovers Lane Farm honey is uncommonly delightful.

An 8 oz squeeze bottle is included. 

Piment d'Ville - Boonville

Grown from the seeds of Piment d’Espelette from the Basque region in France, Piment d'Ville chile powder is a little sweet and a little spicy. It’s the kind of spice that adds deep background notes to your food and a peppery finish. These 1.2oz jars are the perfect size to keep on your counter so that it is most accessible for all your cooking.

Piment d’Ville adds rich flavors to dishes when used while you are cooking to season things like onions while they are sautéing, veggies before getting roasted, or meats before they get cooked. It can also add a beautiful red-orange color to your foods in the cooking process. Piment d’Ville is a perfect garnish, adding a hit of bright color and a little heat. 

In the Basque region, it is used just like black pepper, finding its way with salt into most savory dishes. With that in mind, don’t be scared to use more than a pinch. It’s a pepper to use liberally, not one to think of as precious. Piment d'Ville is grown by the Boonville Barn Collective (us!).

One 1.2oz jar is included.

Nuts from The Boonville Hotel - Boonville

The Boonville Hotel is a rural roadhouse, where energy is put into comfortable beds, simply prepared food, and the friendly easy going crew. The Hotel has a different approach that ensures a satisfying getaway. They pare down to the basics, then make those basics anything but. Throughout the hotel, clutter is rejected for quality. The dinner menus are kept small so that the best ingredients are showcased on every plate. 

After 30 years at the helm of the hotel and restaurant, Johnny Schmitt has stepped aside to welcome his nephew Perry Hoffman as the new head chef at the Boonville Hotel. Perry has a long list of incredible kitchen experience including Etoile and SHED and has been running the show since early 2019. The Boonville Hotel Kitchen holds a special place for the Boonville Barn Collective as it is where Krissy cooked for 4 years and the kitchen's love of Piment d'Espelette was the impetus for starting Piment d'Ville.  

One pint jar of walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and almonds roasted with Piment d’Ville chile powder, Madras curry powder, garden sage and rosemary, Pacific flake sea salt, and olive oil from Chef Perry Hoffman is included.